11/01/2017 Update:

MX Properties, Inc was recently contacted by an individual who was purportedly part of the transaction involving attorney Carmen De Souza. Though we can not specifically name this person because he was not specified in Ms De Souza's letters and we're not sure of his ultimate involvement, this "gentleman" hurled continuous threats against MX Properties, Inc and stated that MX was involved in "crime". Again, for the record, MX Properties has NO idea who this man is other than to say that his claims are completely without merit and are libelous in nature. MX and its counsel will be dealing with this individual for his baseless slander. This man obviously has no idea the consequences of his actions and should refrain from making such stupid and ridiculous comments.

On 16/11/2016, MX Properties, Inc was contacted by its consultant, Mr John S Diak. In this call, Mr Diak brought what MX considered to be very good news -- the final funding that MX Properties had been awaiting for nearly 16 months from Mr Diak's efforts. Over this 16 month long period, MX and its affiliates had funded at the request of John S Diak over $1mm for instrument trading and other funding programs. As the conversation continued, Mr Diak abruptly brought to our attention that Lisbon Portugal lawyer Carmen De Souza was demanding $11000 to cover "fees" associated with the transaction. When Diak was asked to explain these mysterious "fees", he gave nothing but excuses and could not directly answer our questions. Diak then said that he would obtain a letter from Carmen De Souza that would give MX Properties, Inc the comfort that it was seeking to pay the $11000 in demand "fees". So, as promised, Carmen De Souza composed a letter to Mr Diak CLEARLY stating that upon payment of these mysterious "fees", MX Properties, Inc would "IMMEDIATELY" receive its initial funding of $5mm EURO. This 16/11 letter from Ms De Souza gave MX the confidence it needed to go ahead and wire the funds to the coordinates that she provided.

Two days later, MX Properties, Inc received a second letter from attorney De Souza dated 18/11/2016 addressed to John S Diak stating that "we have instructed the 'bank' for doing the payments". Alas MX Properties, Inc felt that all was in order and its funding transaction would now be complete. Yet time started to aimlessly go by. Days became weeks and weeks became months. Carmen De Souza went totally silent and John S Diak could only make excuses and provide daily false promises as to the status of the transaction.

MX Properties, Inc clearly believes that it acted in complete good faith and complied directly with Carmen De Souza's inducement / demand letter of 16/11/2016. No respect was paid back to MX and now we believe that perhaps racketeering could possibly be involved in this matter.

We continue to kindly request that this matter be brought to conclusion and the MX Properties, Inc transaction be concluded as outlined in Carmen De Souza's letters.

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